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Rival Gates: Team Freak Show by puglordseba Rival Gates: Team Freak Show by puglordseba
Name: Bane
Pokemon: Banette 
Gender: Male
Move set: Shadow Ball, CopyCat, Embargo, Hypnosis 
Ability: Imsonmia 
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Mischievous 

Personality: A manipulating and charming creepy who some how knows your secrets and is just all around weird 

Likes: Control, Needles, Puns, buttons, Darkness, Sharp objects, Lucy
Dislikes: Bright Lights, Dumb people, Hard work being wasted, Loud Noises 

There seems to be no known record about this person 

Before the guild: 
He worked for a rich family but always playing tricks on people. They kicked him out, thinking he was annoying and lived a life being poor and having to beg for food or money. he learn about the guilds and went to join them. He met Lucy on the way and they became friends. Now they 

Name: Lucy
Pokemon: Espurr 
Gender: Female
Move set: Psyshock, Attract, Calm mind, Rest
Ability: Keen 
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Strong Willed

Personality: Shy, smart, little cinnamon roll who is too Kind for her own good. Also very sleepy

Likes: Rain, Yarn, Exploring, Mirrors, Puns, Her Sister, Bane, 
Dislikes: Snow, Birds, Barnacles and Sarcasm

There seems to be no known record about this person 

Before The Guild:
She used to live in a forest, climbing trees and playing with her sister until she left for a new life. One day she met Bane and became friends! From that day, they traveled together and search for her sister and home. She was sperated from here family and in her search to find them, she found Bane who was on his way to Rift City to join a guild. Short after leaving her home, her Sister,Adelaide, went looking for her. She now tries to find her way back with her new friend. 

GOD, this is terrible but it works for me. Sorry for the bad quality.
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